san francisco

SF is a series of four pictures about the special light and the colors of the city.


You can vaguely discern the skyline hundreds of times  in SF3 (composed of webcam photos) or actually have to imagine the city in SF2 (only the margins of a contact sheet have been processed).


You can see the colors of the city in SF1 and feel the strength of its landmark in SF4.


Repetition, reduction, color. And San Francisco.


















webcam photo san francisco bay

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Raimund Lampert - S.F.3 Raimund Lampert - S.F.2

S.F. 1

S.F. 2

Raimund Lampert - S.F.1 Raimund Lampert - S.F.5

S.F. 3

S.F. 4

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