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For my digital compositions the printing process is most important, because only by then they are transformed into a real work of art. Therefore, I would like to share some information about the printing process with you:


  • For all prints I work together with fineartprint-Berlin, a smaller company with huge experience in fine art printing and an outstanding technical equipment.

  • The paper is selected depending on the series / motif. All papers are top quality, chemical-free and made from 100% cotton or bamboo fibers.

  • The pictures are printed on a HP 12-ink printer. This guarantees an enormous level of detail and color intensity.

  • The inks are solvent-free pigment inks. This is eco-friendly and does not stink.

  • The pigment inks are certified for a minimum of 200 years durability and are absolutely (sun)light resistant.

  • A single print can easily take up to 3 hours. It is made in several stages.

  • Each print is individually quality-checked, signed and packaged.



So, just in case you were wondering how a print will look like:
It won’t look like a poster. It won’t look like a photoprint from the drugstore.

It's got structure and character.
It looks good! As a piece of art has deserved to look good!